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A TV did that?

12/6/2019 (Permalink)

We were recently called out to a local bank to clean up fire and water damage. The damage was so extensive the entire Bank needed to be re mediated down to the studs of the structure. 

What could cause this much damage you ask? A television. There was an electrical fire causing a malfunction. Due to the lack of fire sprinklers in the building, the smoke and minor flames engulfed the inside of the structure. 

When we arrived onsite the smell of smoke was evident. All salvageable items needed to be placed to the side and cleaned thoroughly. 

With this loss being in bank there were any machines and electronic devices. The next question would be, "Can those be cleaned and salvaged?" 

Yes as long as the electronics themselves have not been altered by the fire or too badly effected by the smoke. Most often if the items have heavy smoke damage they are still able to pull a good portion of the valuable information off of them for the owner. With this being said, it is also a good idea to always back up your important documents and information. This would include all login information and important documents such as photos and licenses. 

Until the building is rebuilt and put back together the items that were saved and cleaned can be put into a POD and stored on site. Having these items onsite will make the process easier on the end of the job to move everything back to where is was and resume business. 

Power Surge!

11/13/2019 (Permalink)

A large storm is impending and there is a chance of losing power or even surging several times. If you live in your home this may not affect you as severely as some one who uses their Florida home as a second home or vacation rental. During a storm it is likely to have the power click on and off or surge several times. 

You are probably asking " what relevance does this have?"  

When the power turns on and off it can cause issues with the A/C units, outlets, and even electronics if they are not properly protected. 

If you have a second home in Florida you probably have someone coming over to check for flood damage or outside wind damage to the roof. While you have that person coming over you should also have the check the A/C is running correctly. In recent years this surge has cause A/C units to malfunction. In Florida this means that the moist in your home is no longer being pulled out. When the moisture sits it will create mold in the home. This is not a pleasant surprise when you come from up north to your second home. 

Next ensure that your electronics such as computers, Televisions, and sound systems are protected by surge protectors. This will help to prevent your electronics being fried and unusable if a power surge occurs. 

What is on your check list?

11/7/2019 (Permalink)

Being in charge of a large building or many different buildings can come with a completely out of the norm set of hurdles to over come. If one little thing breaks it could very easily affect 10 other very big things in the building you are managing. He is a small checklist of routine things that need to be checked monthly to help avoid those pesky hurdles. 

First on the list is checking the structure. You want to make sure there are no cracks in the masonry, foundation, inside or outside walls. This will help to prevent any leaks from a slab or water coming in from the outside of the structure. 

Next on the list are checking the openings of the buildings and entryways. Things to check need to be the doors, gates, windows and any other open to the outdoors. 

Lighting is always important to check. If you are running a building open to the public, lighting can be a big mood changer. If a bulb is blown or needs to be changed, now is a good time to get those taken care of. 

Plumbing is up next on the list of things to check. Looking over all of the plumbing in site once a month will help catch a small leak before it turns into anything bigger. 

Fire equipment needs to be renewed every year at the same time. This equipment needs to be professionally inspected every year and kept a log of. 

Heating and cooling systems need to be check to prevent leaks, change filters and do regular check ups. Keeping up with these yearly check-ups with a professional can help to prevent any catastrophic damage to the rest of the structure. 

School Fire Hazards

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Most fire hazards that are discussed are in and around the home. While most fire hazards are in the same general wheel house the items to look for do vary slightly. Today we want to discuss what to look out for at school in regards to fire hazards items 

The first large item is electrical appliances. These items can range from a keurig coffee maker for the teach to the power cord used by the teacher or student to charge their devices. In today's world everyone has a multitude of cords and devices to charge at all times. 

The second item is smoking. While this is prohibited in all school building there is still a chance someone will not listen to the warnings. This can cause smoke damage, set off the alarms, and ultimately set something on fire. 

 The third and final item is clutter. Everyone has clutter in some aspect of their life. A teacher may have some clutter of art work from students or papers that need to be graded. Students may have clutter in their desk that could cause an issue as well. 

These are the top three fire hazards in schools. Now that you have some ideas of what to look for always keep your eyes open!

When is the last you...?

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Managing a commercial building can be a taxing en devour to take on. Here are the top tips we could come up with to help make it a little easier on you and bring up anything that may have gone by the wayside or forgotten. 

#1 Outstanding Maintenance 

This can include things like painting, landscaping, floor cleanings and duct cleanings. 

#2 Regular Upgrades 

These are regular face lifts for the building. These things included security,  and easy access to the building 

#3 Latest Technology 

Having the best or newest technology can attract new renters and draw a higher end crowd to your space that is offered. 

#4 Going Green 

Going green could mean a wide variety of things that can be implemented. A few things to step in the right direction for this is going paperless, using environmentally friendly cleaning products, and finally using company and supporting companies that are environmentally friendly. 

#5 Effective Communication 

Good managers have effective communication. Always make sure your employees and tenants aware of what is going on, whether it be updates or an outside contractor scheduled. 

Am I in Danger?

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

When you are in the market to buy a new house there are several things you need to look into and think about. 

In Florida there are vastly different landscapes and nature terrains to look at and know the dangers of. Dangers of living beach side are different than dangers of living inter coastal. 

Looking beach side for a home or even a rental it is important to know what zone the home would be in for evacuation. Most beach side homes evacuate first. If you are someone who wants to ride out the storm or do not feel comfortable with the damage it could cause to your home, you may want to look more closer inland. It is also a good idea to have the home closely inspected before buying to know the possibilities of damage. Another perspective to look from is to buy a home that is storm or hurricane rated. Hurricane rated homes generally can with stand most wind and rain caused by a hurricane. These hurricane rated homes are on the rise for beach residence. 

When looking at homes located closer inland it is important to look at the landscape of the home. Does the home have a slant toward the house? How are the yards of the neighboring homes? Most people often look at their own property, but not the land of the neighbors around them. This is important in case theirs drain into your yard, it could cause much more damage to your house than anyone else on the block. 

Keep things like this in mind when you are looking for a new home or property. 

What is on your floor?

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

When is the last time you have had your businesses floors cleaned? Who has walked on those floor and what have they brought in?

In any business it is important to have a nice appearance kept up as well as cleanliness. Having clean floors is a part of that. With many customers coming in and out you have no idea what could be on the those floors. What if a baby came in and drooled all over the floor or someone stepped in bubble gum outside? All of those germs and nasty things are on your floor now.

Ideally you should clean your floors a couple times a week and deep clean once every month to once every other month. Keeping up this routine will keep the germs and dirt building up on the floor at bay.

Here at your local SERVPRO we can clean all of your floors. Anything from tile to carpet, we even do area rugs. Let us help with your next deep floor cleaning. We can even put you on a regular once a month scheduled cleaning!

Did you know?

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

Most people know about the common fire hazards within the home. The yearly smoke detector checks and cleaning out the dryer vent collector. There are several other things that could be the source of a fire, that are uncommon. It is important to check everything possible to keep your loved ones and home safe.

When cooking it is important to be aware of your surrounds. Things like a stray hand towel or packaging from something being cooked was too close to the stove and catches fire.
The same thing goes for extension cords. You have to be careful to not overload your extension cord. Overloaded extension cords are the cause of 10% of house fires in the US.

A lot of us like the get our food cooked as quickly as possible. When cooking you want your food sooner rather than later because you are hungry. What most don't know is that too high heat can actually cause fires, whether from smoke or grease, it can start a fire. To the same affect, a dirty stove can also be the source of a fire. Make sure to clean the stove often as to not have buildup.

Laptops should not be left on top of flammable materials. Laptops that are left on things such as bedding or clothing is hazardous. These can cause the laptop to overheat and eventually catch fire.

Finally Barbecues can cause large grease fires or if under a covered area the smoke can rise up and do damage internally.

These are just a few of the uncommon fire hazards to be on the look out for.

Winds of Change

7/10/2019 (Permalink)

Summer is the time for rain in Florida and we do get it quite often. It is important to check your home after a heavy rain. With all of the moisture it is a great time to get out and check your roof, exterior of your home, and even your gutters.

If you have anything wrong with your roof it is normally easiest to check after a heavy rain because there will be signs. Be care when checking as you will need to get on the roof to visually see the whole roof, the ground will not work to see everything.

The exterior of your home means checking any siding, paint, or stucco. Rain will hit anything hanging off or already coming off. If Stucco has holes in it or siding is coming off it should be fixed ASAP to avoid any further damage to both the exterior or interior of the home depending of the severity.

Lastly check your gutters to see if they are clogged or need to be cleaned. Clogged gutters can cause water to back-up and go onto the roof or pool over and affect your yard. Pooling and dripping water can also affect any windows near or around the gutters and cause more damage.

As summer continues keep your eye out on your home and make sure to promptly take care of any issues.

Teaching Little Ones About Fire Safety

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

With little ones in the house that know how to do basic things like dial a phone number and follow practiced direction it is a good idea to go ahead and teach them what to do in an emergency. If everyone who can be of assistance knows what to do, in an emergency everything will go much more smoothly.

The first step is to teach them the emergency number 911. Teach them to tell them that you have had a fire, what their name is, and what the address is of your home residence. It is also a good idea to have this right next to the home phone in case they get scared in an emergency.

When there is a first they need to know not to hide. They best thing to do it get outside and then worry about calling the emergency number. Outside is the safest place to be. Teach them that once they are outside to not go back inside for anything. You do not want to them to think " I can just grab my toy really quick and come back out." A fire can spread across the house in the blink of an eye.

When getting outside of the house go down low and move quickly. Inhaling smoke is the number one cause of death with house fires. Crawling on the floor is the best way to reduce the amount of inhalations and getting out quickly.

If they happen to have clothing catch fire teach them to stop, drop and role. Have them practice so they know what to do in the incident. Just telling them may not set it what they really need to do.

Some other minor incidentals to think about and teach your children include if they find matched or lighters not to touch them and tell an adult. They also need to know not the put their toys near fires or heaters, even candles if that is something used in your home.

Make sure your children know they process before they are in a dire situation. Many schools have local classes to teach as well as cities and fire stations to teach children about fire safety.

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