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Always Available!

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

At your local SERVPRO we are here to help in any situation. We are always available to set up an estimate to come onsite and look or by phone if you just have a question. 

This time of year is great to get your ducts and carpets cleaned or take care of that pesky growth problem you have. 

All of our knowledgeable staff at SERVPRO are available to answer any questions, get you set up with an estimate appointment, or get you on the schedule for a direct cleaning. They are happy to answer any questions or give any kind of in-depth detail you may need about a service we provide. 

Our Sales Representative is always out and about in the community and is happy to answer any questions or look at any areas of concern you may have as well. 

Our locally own franchises are always available by phone 24/7 for that middle of the night emergency. The person you will talk to is someone who works in our local office and will always be able to help. 

"Like it never even happened." 

Helping Everyone

4/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is known for having a large travel team, which consists of smaller franchises who come from across the country to wherever help is needed. 

We at your local SERVPRO participate in that as well. Having a travel team when a catastrophe hits means a lot more behind the scenes work as well for those that stay at home. Our office staff and other technicians have to make sure our guys on the road are taken care of as well as our customers at home base are taken care of as well. We have a balancing act going on during these times, which we are more than capable of handling. 

Throughout the year our technicians undergo strenuous training to make sure they are prepared when the time comes. When our team is onsite we make sure we stay as long as we are needed and help every customer possible. 

This process is hard on our team as we never know how long our guys will be gone. Rest assured however, we do not leave until we have helped everyone we possibly can and make it "Like it never even happened." 

Not Quite Normal Yet

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

While the risk of COVID-19 is still looming over our heads we continue to make sure our employees use the proper safety measures to keep both your and our families safe during these times. 

We are seeing more and more of our community get vaccinated and starting to reduce the risk of spreading this contagious virus. Not everyone is able to get vaccinated at this time but the pools are becoming wider and more available.  

Until everyone has the chance to be eligible we still encourage those who are holding gatherings take advantage of our COVID-19 cleanings in order to keep each and everyone safe until the risk is gone. 

I am sure like us you are all looking forward to the day we not longer have to social distance or wear masks when we leave our house. However, until that possibility becomes true we all need to continue to take the proper precautions to keep those we love safe. 

We are always here to help. "Like it never even happened." 

In Your Community

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is part of your community. Our staff and owner are always taking part in local events that our neighbors and local businesses are participating in. 

We love to do all of the same things you and your family like to do. While New Smyrna hasn't had too many events that we have been able to participate in lately we cannot wait until they are back. 

Here at SERVPRO we are always here for you, whether that be in an emergency or seeing you at a local event. We participate as much as we can to stay involved in our community. 

We like to also participate in local charity events but that has been slightly hard with the restrictions of COVID. When we are able to come out into the community and help with those kinds of things we will be there. We cannot wait to see everyone back out in the community and participate in local events and charities. 


3/25/2021 (Permalink)

While most people associate fire with soot there are a plethora of other side affects that fire leaves in its wake affecting you and your home. 

If there is a wild fire close to your home you make experience some of the soot that is left over from the flames that blew towards your home direction. You may also experience a different side effect much further down the road that you thought would leave with the soot cleaning, odor.  

While most peoples first thought about a fire outside your home or even inside your home may not be odor, maybe it should be. Odor from a fire can last for months or even a year if it goes improperly treated. When cleaning your home from a fire whether inside or out you need to make sure the duct system is cleaning throughout your home as well as a deodorization and an ozone treatment are performed on your home. The ozone and deodorization will not make too much of a dent in the smell in the duct system is not cleaned. 

The duct system can hold odors and soot itself that is never seen by the naked eye, only smelled. You can also have this smell in your home if you leave your home to air out while a controlled burn is taking place. 

Controlled burns take place often in high agriculture areas and even Florida to help the environment get rid of unwanted plants and rejuvenate the soil. 

Why chose us?

3/23/2021 (Permalink)

Why should you chose our company over the competitors? There are many choices out there for every situation today. However not all companies or services are created equal. Some companies put their staff first, some companies put their business first, and some companies put their customers and employees. first. 

We are the last of the three. We put our customers and employees first. SERVPRO believes that by treating our employees the right way and giving them the tools and praise that they deserve that they can offer the best service to our customers. 

We put our customers first as well. Without our customers we would not have a business or a community. We are grateful for each and every customer we are able to prove services to. 

SERVPRO goes above and beyond for their staff and customers to make sure each and everyone is taken care of how they should be. We respect and appreciate everything they all do. 

Are you Ready for an emergency?

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

Water intrusions and losses come at the least expected time. You are never quite ready for them when they happen but that is why we are hear. 

For a home water loss it is best for you as a homeowner to know where all of the shut offs are as well as who to call in case of emergency. You should also have your insurance companies information and your personal policy information ready. 

This kind of information is not the most fun to put together but can expedite the process if it is at yours and our finger tips to get approvals and make everything "Like it never even happened."

If you are a business we make it even easier! We can come out before an issue comes about and map everything out for you with and Emergency Ready Program. This allows us to know who to contact, who your insurance company is, and where your main shut offs are to minimize the damages to your business and property. 

Give us a call today with any questions and to set up a time to schedule your ERP for your business!

Water Intrusion

2/5/2021 (Permalink)

Most people don't think about how much the ocean salt air can damage a home on the beach and cause a water intrusion.  

These damages can do a large amount of damage inside the home through the smallest hole in the siding or stucco. 

If a water intrusion goes unnoticed it could turn into growth in your home and rapidly spread without any signs on the interior of your home. You should always be vigilant about your home and make sure to have anything suspicious looked at. 

Luckily at SERVPRO we do free estimates and will be happy to schedule a time to come out and take a look. We have specialized equipment that can help us she behind walls things that otherwise are not visible to the naked eye. 

If we find anything that should not be there we will be on it and help make it "Like it never even happened."

Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate today!

Kitchen Fire

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen Fire Kitchen Fire

Most every home cooks at least one meal a day in their kitchen. Pots and Pans can easily overheat and catch fire. Not cleaning your kitchen equipment can also cause a fire. Build up of grease and grime on your kitchen equipment can expedite the fire and do a multitude more of damage. 

Many kitchens are electric but there are still some gas stoves, which can also expedite the fire. 

A kitchen fire does not always affect only a kitchen. If the home is not well maintained it can quickly spread throughout the home and take over the entire residence. 

Even if the fire does not take over the entire home it will still affect the home. Smoke and soot will go throughout the house and into the duct work leaving lasting effects if not cleaned properly. 

Luckily at SERVPRO we do everything from beginning to end. We can pack out the home while cleaning it effectively and taking out any unsalvageable areas as well. Once everything have been removed and is safe again we will put new material back and bring in your cleaned belongings again. 

Give us a call today for a free quote!

Is that plugged in?

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

Getting ready often leaves us worried if we unplugged the curling iron or flat iron. We always double and triple check that it is off and unplugged. Perhaps this is a generational thing as now most appliances like this turn themselves off after a set amount of time. 

Appliances you should be worried be worried about are candle warmers, lights with faulty wiring, or laptops covered up. These things when they become overheated can quickly become a hazard. They can either melt or catch on fire. Depending on how dirty or clean the home is can lead to how fast the fire catches and how far it goes within the home. It is important to keep your home clean as well as take are of your appliances appropriately. 

If a fire does happen in your home or business SERVPRO is here to get you back to normal, "Like it never even happened."

Give us a call today to get a quote!