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Uncommon Storm Items

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

When preparing for a storm event, whether it be a hurricane or a Tornado it is important to consider what will happen in any situation. In most events you won't lose power or may only be without it for a short period of time. In that period of time it is important to have things for every situation. It is also important to take into consideration any members of the family that could have extenuating circumstances such as diabetes, that requires a fridge for cold medicine or oxygen for someone with a breathing problem.

Below is a list of things that you may not think of when packing your emergency back and/or car depending on the situation, and whether you may need to evacuate or not.

Paper Maps - This is important to consider when a storm hits. Using a paper map will help conserve battery on your phone or GPS. There may also be an instance where you may not have service because power was knocked out and the cell towers are unavailable or need repair.

Hand Can Opener - This is important for any canned goods that are in your supplies of food, such as soups and vegetables. An electric can opener may not be available to use due to power issues.

Battery-Powered or Hand Crank Radio - When there is an outage this could be the first communication or update for those in the dark. This can be used regardless of the situation of power or not. Be sure to stock up on batteries for this and any other devices such as flashlights you may need.

First-Aid Kit - It is important to have atleast one of these if not two or three depending on the size of family and friends you will be with incase anything happens. Make sure these kits are either fully restocked, or brand new and to have everything you need.

Whistle - A whistle can be heard much farther than yelling and could become a tool that saves a life given the situation.

Dusk Masks - In a storm of any kind you never know what the aftermath will be and there may be contaminated areas that these masks should be worn in.

Solar Charger - These will keep your phone, Gps or any other device needed charged in these emergency situation if you do not have a generator available.

Food - You should ideally have a food storage for each individual for 3 days.

Water - Each person in the group will need one gallon of water per day. These can be gallon jugs, water bottles, or a filled bath tub for water to be boiled and used.

Toilet Items - These range from toilet paper to garbage bags. The situation will determine what you will use and need.

There are many more items that could be added to this list, however, these are the most commonly forgotten but needed items to add. In any storm situation we are always here to help and hope you are now a little better prepared for a storm situation.

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